Tuesday, April 1, 2014

they call it teenage dystopia

Oi Vey. I used to like reading dsytopian themed YA books. Can't really say that is true anymore. They are a dime a dozen, they all start to blur together into one massive plot with a romantic triangle, and the writing is spotty at best.

Maybe that is why I'm intrigued with the Mortal Instruments series. It isn't dystopia. I think I'm going to see about borrowing it and determine for myself whether or not the writing is as bad as Twilight.

Veronica Roth's "Divergent" was okay. It is another "civilization has collapsed" story where people organize themselves into what are effectively tribes. Each group has an aptitude for a type of behavior. So, what happens if you display an aptitude for more than one behavior? Well, then you are divergent. The heroine is a divergent. The book is dark, as most dystopian novels are, lots of angst and violence. Kids beating each other up, parents dying, evil leaders....it checks all the boxes.

I usually plod through entire series so I can have an opinion on the body of work, but I'm not sure I'm going to waste my time anymore on some of these YA books that just don't work for me.

Now, that being said, I would much rather a kid read this than play a video game. If it gets them reading and keeps them reading...fine.

You never know what will be a person's gateway book. Better this than the true teenage wasteland where reading novels for fun goes to die.

Happy Tuesday!


Kim Smith said...

I have Divergent on my list. I did a look inside and read a little, and listened to a little of the book via audio. It seemed interesting enough, only it is as you said, dark and sort of depressing.

I am writing an apolcalypic tale right now :) funny you should mention it!

Liz said...

Kim, I'll be interested in your thoughts on the book! Good to hear from you!!

Lisa Shafer said...

I agree: YA is overdosing on the post-apocalyptic dystopia thing now, just like earlier with paranormal romance. very cliche now.
I actually got a tweet yesterday from a woman reading Brave New World who claimed she couldn't believe it was written decades ago. Apparently, she thought dystopia began with Hunger Games. *rolls eyes* Maybe I should've sent her a link to 1984.