Thursday, February 28, 2013

the silo effect

Ah, email. The blessing and curse of modern day offices. It does allow for instant communication. And it allows for instant miscommunication, misunderstanding, mistakes and a whole host of other "mis" things.

Our office, of a whole whopping 30 people, relies on email with each other way too much. I think it is mainly because our meetings are ineffective. We don't have meetings to solve problems, we have meetings to make announcements.

The silo effect is alive and well in our office. Everyone does their own thing, with little or no coordination between departments.

I can usually just shrug most of the effects of this off, but yesterday, it became more than a bit trying.

Especially because the silo-ing causes many folks to become over protective of their little fiefdoms. In some it seems to cause borderline paranoia.

Good thing it is Thursday.

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Kim Smith said...

My work is much the same, but no one uses email because they think it is monitored. So everyone sits in their fiefdom(cubicles)and imagines which other lord or lady is about to bring a war. sigh.

I just put my earbuds in and listen to NPR.

happy monday!