Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day. My hubby got me a new umbrella and a bouquet of flowers. Oh, and a huge container of parchment paper! He shopped at Costco yesterday. LOL

We are having a party at work today, a "Sprinkle" for the receptionist. She is about to have her second baby and the Ex. Dir. asked me to coordinate the gift, the food, etc. So, we wound up with enough donations to get her two gift cards for over $100 each and we are doing donuts and fruit. We also got her a dozen roses.

The magazine is heading off to the printers early. Yeah! Love beating a deadline. Now, we just have to keep it up.

Enjoy the day!!

1 comment:

Lisa Shafer said...

You have a thoughtful husband.

Oh dear. I'd forgotten it was VD. Ugh. And after PT conferences as well.