Monday, February 11, 2013

what a weekend

The daughter arrived home by 4:15 on Friday afternoon. So excited to see her. We had a nice steak dinner and peppered her with questions until it was time for bed. Saturday morning both of the girls and I stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast and went to the mall. The older one found not only a dress for her Friday night event, but it will also do for the rush party event where they all have to be in her sorority's color - blue. She also found an all white dress, again, a must have for rush parties. They wear all white on pref night. So, she is all set.

The other daughter found a dress she wanted for her big luncheon with the Rotary club tomorrow. She was nominated in the leadership category for one of their scholarships and has to get up and speak and meet the Rotarians. I'm taking PTO to be able to attend with her and hubby will be there as he is in Rotary.

We also went to the prom dress store. OMG. The bling and dazzle on those dresses. The price tags on those dresses. Yikes. She looked awesome in all of them, but we talked budget and have come to an agreement on what I will fund.

After that we came home to find that hubby and the boy had started to repaint our bedroom. Wow! It looked really good and they were able to get it to a stopping point so we could head off to the middle kid's basketball game. Team Rondo had their second loss of the season. Bummer.

Back home we came after a quick stop at the store to pick up a birthday cake and chicken legs. Yep, she wanted smoked, barbecued chicken legs for supper. So, we go busy and ate late.

After Mass on Sunday, hubby and I drove the girl back to Ttown so she could be at her 4:00 meeting/workshop. They are already planning for Rush. I guess when you have a rush week as huge as the one at this university, you have to plan months in advance.

We drove home and collapsed. It was a very busy, but very fun, weekend.

Time to go to work and rest. LOL

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Kim Smith said...

sounds like a great weekend Liz! hope you have a great week to follow!