Thursday, February 21, 2013

that's not okay was okay after all

We've had yet another rainy, dreary, icky, damp, cold, miserable day. Of course that didn't stop us from going out to lunch or making a run to Target. The boss is taking a half day tomorrow so he can watch the local tennis tournament - indoor tournament by the way. So, we had to do our lunch bunch thing today.

In other news, I was able to hold in my hot little hands the actual proof of the new magazine. It was delivered today, read over by many folks in the office, and sent back to the printer, pronto.

I can't wait to hold the real deal in my hands. I have a byline in this issue. That means that about 12,000 people might read an article I helped write. Pretty damn awesome.

And, the 'that's not okay' moment we had with an unexpected article reviewer (long story there) turned out just fine. Her suggested edits were accepted by the author. We didn't even have to relay her 'threat' to have the Secretary of Defense call him to 'hash' things out! The author was quite gracious, quite complimentary, and quite easy to deal with on the issues she had with the article. I guess The Colonel trumped the Civilian on this one.

Everything was okay after all.

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