Tuesday, February 19, 2013

brrrr ughhhhh

Ugh. It seems extra cold in the house this morning and I had a tough time getting out of bed. It rained a ton last night and it is just plain damp. Brrrr. I could use a hot flash right about now. Oh, well. But our weather is way better than snow. Interesting article on the front page of our paper how a warming world means more blizzards, but less snow fall.

Short week ahead, which is fine by me. I was able to get quite a bit done over the past three days and if I can stay on top of things, the weekend won't be spent trying to play catch up with the household chores.

Off into Tuesday we go. I just heard hubby's alarm go off.


Lisa Shafer said...

It's all about perspective, dear. It's been in the mid- to upper 30s all week here, and everyone is so happy because it's WARM.

Liz said...

I remember that feeling from growing up in northern Indiana. After 10 years, I've adjusted to life in the south where it isn't warm until it hits 60 or more!