Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I feel the need to read

My attempt to clear off my Nook and read the free books I've downloaded over the past year has hit a bit of a snag. One of the YA titles I got for free is an utter mess of a book, but I've always had this sick need to finish a book once I've started it.  So, I'm trudging along through it and skimming as quickly as I can. Ugh.

I have given into the temptation of the free book Fridays at B&N. Yes, I've downloaded a few more titles since the first of the year. Just a few.

I have, however, stayed away from the library's ebook collection. Out of sight, out of mind. Too many temptations there.

Speaking of temptation, our local cupcake lady is not doing me any favors by posting cupcake pictures and descriptions that would tempt a saint. Of course she has two of my favorite flavors this week, cranberry orange and coconut cream. I think I will be stopping by on Friday. Maybe she will have a Facebook special and do a buy 3 get 1 free deal.

She has also been posting her dinner carryout menu for the week. So very tempting to let her do the cooking! She had a meatless entree last week, but I didn't see one for this Friday. Well, we should probably head over to church for the fish fry. We do that at least once during Lent.

Books, cupcakes, fish. Yes, that sounds about right. I'm going to have a mixed up, crazy, odd, random day at work, so why not start off that way while I'm still at home!

Happy Wednesday.

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