Monday, March 4, 2013

fan girl

My inner geek, fan girl, nerd was relishing in doing nothing except watching TV last night. It was fun just to hang out with my hubby, the daughter and her boyfriend and watch Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, and then Vikings.

The daughter has been dating the same young man for 9 months now. With college approaching, they've already discussed 'breaking up' when it is time to head away to school. He is actually leaving earlier than that to go work on a farm for his Dad all summer. His Dad owns some sort of agri-business and has connections with a big farm down in the delta that needs summer laborers. The final quarter of high school begins when spring break ends. Hard to believe. Exciting stuff, but bittersweet as well.

Speaking of fan girls, one of my high school classmates has a daughter who seems to be the ultimate fan girl. This young lady uses her mom's pinterest board to pin the most interesting assortment of crafts, art, quotes, etc. She seems to adore Disney characters, but with a twist.

I'm not a big fan of Mondays, but I have one to slog through and it includes a meeting first thing today with two folks in my least favorite department. One of them is traveling with me to Texas next week. Ugh.

Off I go.

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