Thursday, February 7, 2013

do you binge-watch?

I've already learned something new today and it isn't even 6:00 a.m. I hadn't heard the term binge-watch before, but I've done it. Just didn't know it had a name. When you watch multiple episodes of a TV show back to back, you have just experienced the latest cultural phenomena, binge-watching.

The first time the hubby and I did this was with the Sopranos. Back when we had basic cable and the girls were toddlers, we watched an entire season of the HBO hit in one weekend as we had rented the tapes and only had a short time to watch them all. We talked like sailors for the following week, lots of f-bombs. I think we even picked up a bit of a Jersey accent!

Now that folks can subscribe to services like Netflix and OnDemand, binge-watching is pretty easy to do. I've watched a season and a half of the Borgias now that we have Showtime for the next year. Not quite binge-watching, but close.

We did watch the entire third season of Downton in a weekend. I kept wanting to ring Carson for tea by the time we were done.

Thursday is here already. Tomorrow my lovely baby girl will arrive home from college. She has quite a list of things to do planned. I think we will be dress shopping for her sister as well. Prom season has arrived. Here we go!

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Kim Smith said...

543I do this all the time with 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, and Downton Abbey. Love it!