Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Two of my three kids have birthdays this month. The boy has already put in his request for his meal and his dessert. He'd rather have pie than cake and this year he's requested buttermilk pie and cherry pie. He usually asks for apple, so the cherry was a bit of a curve ball. We will be heading out for burgers at one of the nationally famous local eateries.

The oldest will celebrate this birthday without us. Cue the big sigh and slight welling of tears. We had planned on going to see her the weekend prior to her birthday to celebrate, but that plan won't work now. She has been asked to a big deal fraternity formal and won't even be on campus for the weekend. I knew there was a reason I had to buy her that purple sparkly dress when I saw it on super sale New Year's Day! She is going as the 'date' of her physics lab partner, a fellow engineering major.

But, she is going to be home this weekend, so we may just have to celebrate a bit early. For her birthday I ordered her another winter coat. This one is a true triclimate weather type of coat with a hood and removable liner. I guess she also wants a football jersey with one of the star freshman player's number/name on it.

The boy hasn't decided what gift he wants. He'd be happy with iTunes cards. Way more low maintenance than his sisters!

It is Tuesday, y'all. All. Day. Long.

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