Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the truth is

Hubby and I attended another BMA meeting last night. The misinformation spouted as fact by the four citizens commenting on the budget and the proposed property tax increase would be downright hilarious if it wasn't so serious.

One woman stated that she knew our public parks are only used by folks from Big City M and Mississippi because she looks at car plates on the road leading into one of our parks. Really? Okay, perhaps Mississippi, but Big City M? How do you know they are from M? I believe their plates look just like ours as we are in the same county. Hmmmm.

A man got up and said that we pay the most property tax in the county. Really? Our rate, even with the proposed increase, is still the second lowest and we have  fully functioning police and fire departments to run not to mention a Library.

Taking the cake was a Realtor who said everyone's tax is going up $100 a month. Guess I live in a million dollar plus home and didn't know it. I calculated my tax will go up from $737 a year to $881. Hmmmmm, a little over $100 a year, not a month.

Misinformation is such an insidious thing. However the truth is, folks can be wrong.....and they can misspeak....but when two alderman sit and smirk and nod as these people proclaim falsehoods....well, that just plain ticks me off.


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