Monday, June 20, 2011

and that is that

The weekend went by much too quickly for me. I spent Friday running back and forth across town buying groceries and such. Saturday went by in a blur, I don't even remember what I did except for laundry and some cooking. Sunday involved church, the doughnut shop (cops included just like the old Bangles song), the grocery store and more cooking.

I read, a lot, this weekend. All of my library books are due back and I need to restock. I finished the third Rachel Vincent novel. Her heroine, Faythe Sanders, is a shape shifting werecat. They are easy, entertaining reads and I will most likely grab the other titles in the series that the library owns.

I also read a historical fiction piece by Posie Graeme Evans. I had read a trilogy from her several years ago about some king's mistress. I remembered it as being good, but this book just never rose above the level of 'blech' for me. I finished "The Dressmaker" by skimming the last 100 pages. It was predictable and a bit shallow.

We watched the finale of Game of Thrones and love the final scene with Dany rising from the ashes, three baby dragons in tow.  Just not enough of Arya in these first season episodes to suit me, but hopefully more of her storyline will be included in season two. Going to miss Sean Bean though....always enjoy his acting and now that Ned Stark is dead, well, unless they bring him back as a ghost.....won't be seeing him.

And that is that. The weekend is over. Father's Day has come and gone. It was good talking to my Dad and watching my kids have fun with the hubby as they played a marathon game of Monopoly.

Now we begin a very busy week and the slide to the 4th of July!

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