Wednesday, June 1, 2011

flavia de luce

Flavia, my favorite 11 year old sleuth, along with her trusty bike Gladys, pedals her way into more mischief and murder. I'm currently reading the third novel starring this young lady. I've passed along the first book to my daughter and she is on chapter four and loving every page.

Can't say enough about the 'fun' Alan Bradley has created in these books. Good Stuff.

Summer has arrived with a vengeance and hubby's office is without air conditioning. Not good. He is expecting repair people today to see if they can get things running and cooling. I'm off to work, with a two hour hiatus thrown into the middle of the day. I have a Friends meeting this afternoon. So, I will be at work longer to make up for that time away.

Hard to believe it is Wednesday already!  But, it is, and off to the races we go!! Maybe I need a Gladys in my life....I could just pedal off to my next adventure.

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