Tuesday, June 21, 2011

jackpot at the library

Sometimes when I go to the Library I leave with a frown on my face. Other times I leave smiling from ear to ear. Yes, it all depends on what I've found to read. Yesterday I was smiling, skipping and feeling quite happy.

I found five books to read and have the promise of one more to come soon. Now stacked on my nightstand are a book about a vampiric version of Cleopatra, two mysteries set in Arthurian England, a book featuring Elizabeth I as a vampire slayer and the next book in the Faythe Sanders series.

Whoop!  Lots of good reading ahead. I've stacked them in the order I will read them and have already started the Cleopatra book.

Comments and thoughts to come.  My only disappointment is the lack of new YA fiction in the Library now. Not sure what is going on with that, but the shelves of new books has been reduced to handfuls of new books. Blech.  Need to find out what is what in that department.

Happy Tuesday!

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