Monday, June 6, 2011

Defiance by Lili St. Crow

A while back the middle kid had a portion of her birthday party blow out event over at our local mall. She and 7 of her buddies participated in a scavenger hunt. The hunt included an item in Barnes and Noble, so I was forced to hang out there and monitor the situation. The oldest daughter stuck by my side and we spent a lovely 45 minutes roaming the store, sipping on icy drinks and having a good time. Of course, we found a book to buy....yes, the latest in Dru's adventures had hit the shelves and needed to come home with us.

Due to a variety of circumstances, I didn't get to dive into Lili St. Crow's latest YA gem until this weekend. But once I opened the book, I knew I was in good hands and would stay in those hands until the final page. I continue to enjoy St. Crow's writing and while her YA novels tend to be a little less intense than her adult books,  they still pack one heckuva of a punch.

By the end of the last novel, Dru's friend, Graves, a loup-garou, had been taken by the master vampire of them all and was being held captive. Dru is still sorting out her feelings for Graves and Christophe, but that is not all that needs sorting. Dru is beginning to bloom and come into her full svetocha-ness! Let the fight scenes ensue.

St. Crow writes incredible fight scenes. They are truly a thing of beauty. The pacing and the wording combine to create, what I think, is probably the best fighting scenes in urban fantasy. She does this in all her books, with all her heroines. She isn't afraid to make them hurt and the reader is pulled right along into that part of the plot. Incredible.

I believe the next title in the Dru Anderson series will be the final one. Another thing to admire about St. Crow. She knows when to wrap it in a box and slap the bow on it.

Two thumbs way up for this one, but be warned these titles are for the older YA set. They do have 'language' in them as the F-bomb is dropped and intense action/bloody scenes are included. But, if you are looking for a heroine who can take care of herself, knows her own mind and doesn't let anyone push her around....Dru's your gal.

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