Thursday, June 2, 2011

final day of my work week

I really need to stop saving everything for Friday. I looked at my 'to do' list for tomorrow and wanted to cry. I've packed way to much into one day, yet again. But, I will make the attempt by first driving the middle kid to the license branch to renew her permit so she can return in two weeks and take her driving test. She's not quite ready for the behind the wheel portion and needs more time, which means she needs to renew that permit.

I also need to grocery shop. I did manage to hammer out June's menu last night. Now, I need to check it over and make sure it is workable as my brain was in shut down mode when I made the list.

The house always needs something done, like the yard. Ugh. Weeds need pulling, the yard needs mowing the edges need edging.

And on and on and on.

The Friends meeting went well yesterday, plus, I think we had about 30 members there. Wahoo!!!!  I hope it continues. I guess my personal email plea for folks to come worked. I've already sent a thank you to that same group and plan on doing two personal pleas for July. With that meeting coming on the heels of the 4th, we need folks to show up and vote for the new fiscal year donation to the Library.

And that is Thursday is my new "Friday" post tomorrow!  Have a good weekend!!

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