Tuesday, April 22, 2014

mercy and uhtred

Among my favorite urban fantasy heroines, Mercy Thompson Hauptman is one of my faves. Patricia Briggs writes the Mercy books and I'm never disappointed with her storytelling. I believe "Night Broken" is the 8th book featuring the shapeshifting female mechanic. She turns into a coyote, by the way...her father is Coyote. Yep, the native American trickster god.

This time Mercy and her pack (werewolves...she is married to the alpha) take on a volcano deity. Don't try and dive into this world with book 8. Start at the beginning. Briggs has created a complex world and each book reveals new layers, new supernatural creatures, and new aspects of Mercy's personality.

Always a good read.

Up next is the latest book from Bernard Cornwell. I love his Saxon Tales featuring Uhtred. It opens with Uhtred causing a major ruckus when his oldest son becomes a priest. Always entertaining and always well written.

I have some 'new to me' authors to check out once I finish the Cornwell book. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Tuesday!

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