Tuesday, April 29, 2014

in which I bruise my nose

I have a big bruise across the bridge of my nose. Lovely.

Yesterday, after I got home from work and errands, I thought I'd run a quick load of laundry. I was also making dinner, checking the storm path (3 years ago UA was hit with a killer tornado and I wanted to make sure this system wasn't headed for Ttown), and doing other typical afternoon chores.

The sheets I had in the washer were finished and as I went in the laundry room to throw them into the dryer, I noted to myself that all the clothes hanging over the two appliances needed to be taken to the appropriate closets.

I lifted the lid of the washer, forgot to move the shirts aside hanging over the lid, and as I bent down to get the sheets, WHACK. The lid came back down, pushed by the shirts, and my nose bore the brunt of the impact.

I let out a screech. The boy came running. I let go of some choice cuss words, and the sheets.

Only. Me.

I immediately grabbed some ice cubes and started to ice down my nose. Then came the ibuprofen. Then came witch hazel compresses.

Yikes. Klutz. Klutz. Klutz.

Washing Machine: 1
Liz: 0

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