Tuesday, April 8, 2014

cooking bacon

We had some bacon left from the weekend, the yummy, applewood smoked, thick cut bacon. So, I'm frying it up for a morning treat!

I can't count the times we've had cooking discussions at work when the use of bacon grease comes up. The southern contingent, of course, keeps containers filled with the drippings in their fridges. They are always a bit stunned when I say I have always done the same. Then when I follow it up with how great it is with green beans, corn bread, and even popcorn, well, it is fun to watch the look of confusion cross their faces. How can the Yankee, with the Chicago accent, know anything about bacon grease???

Folks like to think they are original and that their region is so unique that no one else in the country can cook, garden, sew, craft, party (whatever) like they do. Many of them just don't understand how people move, relocate, travel, and are open to taking their traditions with them. Or, perhaps they are open to learning new things.

Hubby is over in the eastern part of the state today. So, no bacon for him, but the drippings will be waiting in an old mug in the fridge for some amazing cooking later on.

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!!

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