Tuesday, April 15, 2014

at least it isn't snow

It is cold, windy, and damp. At least it isn't snowing like it did in some places. Brrrr. I don't believe it got to freezing, but it is only 39 outside. Looks like I can wear my cords one more time before I put them away for the season.

The website work went well yesterday. We are back on track, I hope. I will be working on another section today.

In other news, our department will be changing at the end of the summer. My coworker was able to secure a teacher assistant gig at the university. She has started her PhD work, and the gig will provide a stipend, cover her tuition, and get her in a classroom. So, off she goes! She is hoping to continue to be the copy editor for the journals, but it would be contract work and that has to be approved. Not sure how the Director is going to feel about this proposal. Either way, the boss and I will have some changes to deal with in a few months.

Right in time for our National Meeting work to really hit full speed. Lovely.

I'm excited for her, but not looking forward to this transition.

Happy Tuesday!

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