Thursday, April 17, 2014

london calling

The middle kid got the email yesterday. She has been accepted into the global leaders program and will spend next spring semester in London!!!!!

She was still in a state of shock when she called me. I wonder if it has sunk in yet? This is so exciting! What an amazing opportunity. She will not only take a semester's worth of classes, she will also intern with a company based in London, or she will work in Parliament!! OMG!!

Another super neat thing is that my best friend's daughter will be in Paris at the same time and that young lady's cousin will be in Austria. Road Trip!!

Plus, one of her sorority sisters who got in has family in Germany! Road Trip!

Studying abroad was something the hubby and I didn't do, so yes, we are totally living vicariously. I own that right now.

We are thrilled for her and so happy that we can help her take this opportunity.

AND, the oldest called and said her grades are looking spectacular for this semester. She is quite pleased with herself and is in really good shape GPA-wise going into the final exams.

AND, both ladies will be home soon for Easter!!

Yes, I'm still stoked, excited, floating, crazy-happy.  Wow. Wowsa.

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