Monday, April 14, 2014

short week

It's going to be a short week. Yeah!

The boy and I have Good Friday off. The girls will be home from school to enjoy Easter weekend with us. Looks like hubby's sister and her hubby will drive down for the weekend. So, I've already started to figure out what we are eating and when. Let the procurement begin!

Had a nice weekend. Managed to get quite a few things done while the hubby and the boy were over in Nashville for the speech and debate state championships. The boy did really well! He had never competed in the Congress category before, but he was a finalist in the Senate portion!! His coach and his former coach were thrilled with his results. Several of our seniors earned first places in their competitions. So, all in all, I think we had 7 of the 18 students earn recognition.

Hubby was also able to meet the teacher the boy 'works' for as an assistant during his study hall period. She supervised the learning lab and he works as a tutor. She was very complimentary of him and said she is hoping she can have him back as her helper next year!

Always good to hear nice things about your children.

We have two final things to do for the speech team: vote in next year's officers and attend the banquet. Then the plans for next year will begin!

Okay, off we go. Lots to do in the next 4 days. Better start making my list. Enjoy Monday.

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