Monday, April 7, 2014


The hubby and I celebrated 23 years of marriage on Sunday! Whoop!! We had a really good weekend. Had fun, worked on some projects, enjoyed a great meal (or two), and heard from the girls and our parents. Perfect!

I finished reading "The Paladin Prophecy" by Mark Frost. Frost is not only a novelist, he is also a screenwriter. He worked on shows like Twin Peaks back in the day. He also worked on the Fantastic Four movie(s). "Paladin Prophecy" was a decent read. A  major plus for the novel is that the main character is a boy. In YA having a boy protagonist is sort of rare. This is the first in a series and the second novel is already out. I don't think I will be reading the new one, but I may suggest them to my son.

In other news, we finished the cleaning out the flower beds! Well, at least round one is finished. I need to move, thin, reallocate, and prune some things. That will have to wait until later this week. It rained again yesterday afternoon and all night. Mucky, mushy, muddy mess out there this morning. Poor Duke. He is constantly getting his paws wiped off.

Well, it is Monday and we are still loading/building website pages! The March 2014 issue needs to go up today.

As they say in the south...Git'r done.....

Happy Monday.