Thursday, April 24, 2014


I wound up staying home yesterday. My throat was killing me, I was exhausted, and I felt a major head cold coming on. Today I'm up and moving, sort of, after sleeping most of the day yesterday.

I need to go to work as I don't have any more PTO to burn. I so wish we had 3 sick days a year that we could use. People come to work sick all the time so they don't have to use their vacation time...and then we all get sick. UGH.  Vicious cycle.

But, I'm not feverish. Just have a major sinus headache and the stuffy nose and tiredness of a cold. So, I'm going in and going to see if I can last all day.

While I was awake yesterday, I did finish reading "The Pagan Lord" by Bernard Cornwell. He's such a good writer and I love his books. This one was another great addition to Uhtred's story. Our warrior is nearing 50 years old in this story, but he is still up for a good battle or two or three.

Glad it is Thursday.

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