Monday, April 28, 2014

end of the semester

The ladies begin finals week today. Wow. The year zipped by and they will both be back home on Friday. Hubby is heading east to get the middle kid and the oldest one took a car back with her after spring break, so she will be moving out on her own this time.

We are very excited to have them with us for the summer and can't wait to see them!!

I stayed home all weekend. Truly. I got home Friday at 3:45 and haven't left the house. The cold/sinus nastiness seems to be abating and I don't think, at this point, that it will morph into a sinus infection. I feel pretty good this morning. A bit better each day, so by Wednesday, I should be almost back to normal. I did quite a bit of reading and need to recap the books I finished. Perhaps tomorrow.

I have a library board meeting this week and we have the end of the year banquet for the Theater-Debate department.

It is going to be a busy one and with the spring storms we are having, a bit of a wet one.

Looks like we dodged the worst of it yesterday, but Arkansas and Oklahoma got hit.

Off into Monday I go. Enjoy your day.

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