Monday, April 23, 2012

punk my cubicle

I've gone from an office with a window to a tiny cubicle. Wah! Ugh! First project for today is to deck out that cubicle. I haven't purchased any art, yet. After I get the stuff I already have in new spots, I will evaluate and see what else I need to procure in order to make my new home more mine. Sure, I have biology, anatomy and all sorts of marketing posters I could slap up on the walls from our inventory...but I'd rather look at something else. Maybe some kid art. The oldest has a piece she is exhibiting in the high school art show. Hmmmm. That might be the ticket.

In other news, after I finish my work day I am meeting the current Friends president and giving her a second lesson in how to use Constant Contact. I will be glad to have that duty off my plate.

Happy Monday to all and here I go.....full time work week dead ahead!


Lisa Shafer said...

I've never had to deal with a cubicle. Relocatable classrooms can be rather box-like, but they're obviously much larger than a cubicle. I did have one for 4 years that had only tiny, arrow-slit, sealed-shut windows, though. That was very much a box.

Kim Smith said...

This happened to me too... but at my place of employment many ladies have dolled up their little cubbies to a premium. I am going "shopping" around the building to steal ideas for mine. I am not hired yet, but will be soon! come on June!!!!

Liz said...

So happy for you, Kim! Yes, I need to work on my 'cubby' and doll it up a bit.