Thursday, April 19, 2012

final day in the foundation

Today is my 'official' last day as the administrative assistant in the Foundation. When I go to work on Monday, I will be a member of the Communications Department.

I can't believe a year ago I started back to work. We all survived. The house didn't get swallowed by dust bunnies. The laundry still got done. The pantry stayed stocked. We all managed to eat.  All in all, things pretty much kept rolling along without too many problems.

This transition to full time has been causing some second thoughts, but the opportunity to take this particular job in this particular department was truly too good to pass up.

What will it all mean? Well, I fear the list of books I've read will grow a bit more slowly as I will do a lot of reading at work. I'm still going to log in and write my morning journal/blog post. The housework will still get done and all of the other chores that keep the plates spinning will still get done.

The big change will be that I will not have my "Sanity Friday".  I did love my Fridays off. I especially loved the moment when the kids and hubby left and I was alone in the house with the dog. Peaceful silence, perfect bliss. Well, those days are over.

Unless I take a PTO day....hmmmmm. How many more of those do I get now that I'm full time??

I have my last "Sanity Friday" day all planned.  I'll be at a restaurant patio with some friends for lunch after I enjoy a morning of quiet and calm in my house.

Happy Thursday.


Lisa Shafer said...

Yes, but enjoy those extra dollars as kidlets head off to college.

Wish I had Fridays off..... :)

Of course, my work schedule is 70-hour weeks for 9 months and then merely training and prep for the other 3.

Kim Smith said...

wow ... miss a few days of your blog and look what happens!! congrats girl!!!!