Wednesday, April 11, 2012

book sale time

I miss working the set up at the book sale. Yep. Never thought I'd say that, but there it is. All those boxes will be unpacked and all those books will be set out and organized today while I'm at work.

Tomorrow night I'm working the pre-sale for our members. Everything will be organized by then, so my task will be to check that membership dues have been paid, help shoppers find what they are looking for and encourage people to join or to buy a shopping pass so they can shop that night. Pretty easy duty for only two hours.

Then Friday the sale opens to the public and I will be on hand to visit and book chat with our regulars and clean up the sale tables as things are purchased.

I love the sale. It is a wonderful community event and a lot of fun for the shoppers and the volunteers.

Happy Wednesday!

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Lisa Shafer said...

This week is our public library's spring sale also.
I can't go. I buy too many books. Always.