Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i'm such a sucker

Last weekend I received a phone call from a member of our Literacy Council. Our local council just received a national certification. To celebrate that achievement and the fact they have existed in our community for 25 years, a special community reading event is being planned for the fall.

The gal who called me is a retired English teacher from the high school my girls attend. She taught AP 12 for years and although my girls never sat in her classroom, I knew who she was. We had a lovely chat and she convinced me that I should serve on an ad hoc committee to steer this new reading event.

My first meeting is Thursday. All together now.....Liz is such a sucker. Yes, I am a sucker for reading, for books, for talking about books, for words....for it all.

Lisa...huge shout out to this point they are focused on just an adult title, but I am going to push for them to do adult, YA and children's titles.  Got any suggestions?

Happy Wednesday.


Liz said...

Lisa, thank you for the note!

Lisa Shafer said...

Let me know....

Liz said...

Emailed you yesterday....sent along the agenda and such.