Tuesday, April 17, 2012

going to be a long week, folks

It is going to be a long week at the office. I'm not good at transitions and that is what this week is all about. Of course, after I get moved to my new cubicle, I will continue in transition mode for not just weeks, but months. My current boss needs to hire my replacement. We will need to train that person. I will be learning my new job.

I figure that May and June are going to be a bit crazy.

It was nice to arrive at work yesterday and have several congratulatory emails in my mailbox. I also had folks stop by my office to wish me luck.

In other news....the oldest has picked up some sort of 'bug.' Ugh. Not what she needs during the last 17 days of her senior year. The middle kid continues to do a wonderful job for her team in the goal. The youngest has decided that math homework is optional, the teacher and his parents disagree.

Never. A. Dull. Moment.

Happy Tuesday

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