Monday, May 2, 2011

rain, rain go away........for a good long time, please

I've become quite adept at finding and reading flood maps for our county. Not exactly a skill I hoped to hone at this point in my life, but I am grateful for all those elementary school teachers who taught such things to me when I was substantially younger.

We've received enough rain over the last several weeks in our locale as well as the surrounding areas to cause major flooding. Then when you factor in what is happening in the whole middle of the country and how so many of those waterways feed into the BIG river, well, needless to say, we have quite a mess on our hands.

It is raining yet again this morning. I have several things I need to do today and I may not be able to accomplish all of them because of roads being closed.  I've looked at alternative routes, and yes, those too might be closed.

There is no way to get THERE from HERE.

So, I will take care of what I can and hope that the rain stops soon so we can dry out.

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