Wednesday, May 25, 2011

here comes the rain again....and let's hope that's all it is

Wow. The states to the west of us are getting hit hard by tornadoes and some very lethal spring weather. I was watching CNN yesterday and heard the names of several Oklahoma counties I recognize from my hubby's travels. One of the sheriffs he knows was then on CNN. I gave him a ring at the office and he turned on the TV to watch and get an idea of the storm's path because one of his guys is out there on a site visit. All is well with his coworker, but the path of death and destruction is heart wrenching.

We are in for rain here today and I hope that is all we get. I'm not going to like being away from my kiddoes when the bad weather rolls in. It is the last day of school for the youngest as he is not going tomorrow.

Time for Mother Nature to put away the heavy artillery.

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