Monday, May 9, 2011

eye & mind candy

Eye candy. Mind candy. Those sweet, mild diversions from reality we all need in our lives. Not every book needs to be award winning. Not every movie deserves an Oscar. But those entertainments can be, well, entertaining in a mindless way.

I took two of the three kids to see Thor yesterday. I have to say, I'm excited by the fact so many of the characters I enjoyed on Saturday morning cartoons and in the comic books of my youth are headed to the big screen. Iron Man. Hulk. Green Lantern. Spiderman, Batman. The list goes on and on and now Kenneth Branagh gives us Thor.

Plenty of eye and mind candy in this film. Thor is quite easy on the eyes. I was pleasantly surprised by the witty lines and the look of the movie. I'd give it two big thumbs up and advise a big bucket of popcorn and one of those bottomless soda combos they sell at the concession stand for the price of a small car.  Just sit back and be entertained. And, enjoy the view.

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