Wednesday, May 11, 2011

into the crockpot

I will be tossing some things into the crockpot today and making chili for supper. I don't usually enjoy chili or any type of soup when it is this warm outside, but I have a variety of leftovers to make use of today. It will be an easy meal to do and when I get home today, I won't have any dinner prep to occupy my time. That means I might be able to read another chapter in Flavia's story. Last night I managed one more section before my eyes started to cross, I needed to put the book down, turn off the light and call it a day.

Logged in another good day at work. I will be learning how to do some basic html coding and 'authoring' some pieces on the organization's learning library. I'm a bit excited about this new task as I've always wanted to understand how to 'code'.

In other news, I read a NPR piece about a gal who followed the Laura Ingalls Wilder books all across the Midwest. I'm not a big nonfiction reader, but I think I will be checking to see if the library has this book and borrowing it.  The Little House books were a huge part of my childhood and to read about another fan visiting sites from the books sounds like fun to me.

And that is all for Wednesday......midweek, no meltdown in sight.

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