Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what a difference a smile makes

I was welcomed with warm smiles, cheerful greetings and lots of laughter yesterday. Amazing what a difference those three things can make when you are starting a new job. I talked Sookie Stackhouse with the folks in the marketing department. I talked AMC's The Walking Dead with the two guys in IT. I talked soccer mom stuff with the gals in the Education department. I talked Architecture with the head of the Communications division. I talked, laughed, grinned and had one heckuva time. The six hours flew by and I came home energized.

My schedule is set. I have things to do until my boss returns in a month. I begin, officially, tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a Friends meeting to conduct and a Sookie Stackhouse book to read. I have errands to run and some chores to complete.

I've landed in a good place.


haydenblair said...

sounds to me like you MUCH MORE have found your fit. I could tell through your blogs that the bank was not happy glad to see YOU are back in life!!! yea for new fresh starts. FOrgive me...I have been drowning in cupcakes batter and my blog is suffering...I WILL catch up!

Liz said...

Oh gosh, Hayden. I'm so much better off now. Glad the cupcake biz is thriving. We need to get down your way for a visit...every weekend is full of soccer! Maybe in the fall. I'd love to taste test my way through your menu!! lol

haydenblair said...

bring it on! Just let me know about a month or two in advance if you can so I can request off of work!