Thursday, May 19, 2011

willy nilly

I will be running to and fro willy nilly over the next 48 hours as I try and get everything done that is on the schedule. But, first, some happy news.

When I got to work yesterday I was one happy camper by the time I finished reading my emails. Getting two 'atta girls' brought a smile to my face and a bounce to my step.  A column I put together on public outreach is going into the national journal as a sidebar piece to the executive director's essay. Woot!  I also received a note from the head of the education department that my html coding was outstanding on the web pages I'm building for a new online course the Foundation is creating. Woot!

What a joy it is to go to work and receive praise for your efforts.

My 'to do list' is quite long and I need to get Happy Thursday to everyone and see you on Monday! I'm taking tomorrow off!!

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