Monday, May 23, 2011

school is out and I'm overwhelmed

The girls finish the school year today as they are exempt from finals and do not have to attend the rest of the week. The boy will go, basically just to hang out, until Thursday. Why did this school year go by so fast? How is it that I'm going to have a senior and a junior the next time the bell rings?


It will be a different kind of summer now that I'm working. No vacation for us this year. No trips to visit. No beach. Hubby and the oldest will make two college visits, quick, short and to the point. Things are changing. Things are speeding up and I find myself doing a lot of juggling, coping and making do.  I need to find a new balance, a new normal, a new way....all three have been very elusive.

But for now, I need to get ready to go to work and wish my darling daughters a good final day of their sophomore and junior years. I need to tell the young man how proud I am of his academic efforts as I can't make his awards ceremony today, but will be thinking of him.

Yep, I need to find a new way through all of this. For some reason it is feeling very overwhelming today.

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