Thursday, April 1, 2010

end of a series

I finished the fifth and final book in the Bonner family saga by Sara Donati. I'm not going to bother with trying to review this title, "The Endless Forest." Donati's books are long, packed with dozens of characters and filled with historical details. By the time you reach the fifth book in a generational saga, some of the characters and dead, but still referred to, others are not longer center stage as younger characters step into the limelight. Just suffice it to say, the series ends well. The last book wraps up the story of the Bonners in a beautiful package and is just as worthy of reading as the very first book. Maybe someday I will go back and reread the entire saga, one after another, and savor yet again Donati's fine talent for creating a really good historical fiction novel.

Next up, "The Burning Land" by Bernard Cornwell....I'm back in the clutches of Thor worshipping warrior Uhtred and his fellow soldiers as they get tossed about by the many factions that went into creating England.

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