Friday, April 16, 2010

delete all

I just spent a few moments cleaning out my Yahoo email box. I had gathered close to 4,000 old emails and decided to purge everything that was older than April of 2009. I was left with close to 1300 emails for the past 12 months. Wow. That is a lot of email. I do get things automatically delivered to my email, facebook posts etc, but most of these were actually communications regarding the Library and the Friends as this account is devoted to those two entities and the people who are involved with them. I have a personal email that I use for the family and things pertaining to my kids' lives/activities.

Amazing how we gather stuff. The girls and I will be having a garage sale sometime this summer. Most likely very early on as the rest of the summer is quickly becoming booked with assorted things. They are eager to make some money off of the things they have outgrown, whether it is clothes, or toys or 'dustables.' I told them it will take them close to a week to set up and price everything, make their signs etc. They didn't flinch. Guess they are determined...which is fine. It will be a good experience for them to run one.

Still reading away. I finished another paranormal romance, Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren and also a women's fiction book titled Starting Out Sideways by Mary E. Mitchell. Both were good stories. Sort of interesting to switch back and forth between these two genres. I'm really getting a feel for the differences in pacing, character development and even dialogue as I can make very fresh comparisons. I'm also starting to see the formulaic nature of the romances versus the women's fiction titles.

And with that, it is Friday and time for the weekend. Enjoy.

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