Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pet peeve number two

So I'm reading another one of the books I found at the book sale. This time I'm back in my paranormal romance stack and the title provided the perfect example of another pet peeve of mine. This book is part of a series that is set in a 'world' but each novel has its own hero/heroine. Some characters are recurring, but for the most part, it is the romantic couple's story. Here is the rub: Sometimes these stories insert too many extra characters in an attempt to provide a link to future books. We meet three or more additional men or women who will eventually be the star of their own story. They seem to serve no purpose in the story except to wave a flag that says Hi, remember me when you buy this author's next book!!

Ugh. Continuity is great, but this character dropping device can run off the tracks pretty quick and it gets real old.

I finished the book in record time and have now returned to the women's fiction/literary fiction pile.

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