Tuesday, April 20, 2010


With the recording of the two books I read over the weekend, I've now logged 30 books into the 'read' column for this year. As I work my way through the pile I currently have, only three more to go in that stack, I intend on switching back to YA and reading a variety in that category next.

Thirty books in 4 months, not too bad. I doubt I will keep up that pace, but if I could I'd shoot for making it to 100 books in 2010.

I received my first official pin from my boy scout son last night. Each time he advances in rank, I get a pin to wear on a special ribbon I can attach to my shirt. It was quite the eye opening experience for me to see the Troop in action and to watch the boys/young men at the meeting.

We have a night off from soccer tonight. Yeah. We need a break before the big tourney this weekend, well it will be a big tourney if the weather report is wrong. We may see two days of thunderstorms. The neighbor and I have already decided to hold off on our mulch order until next week as we don't relish the thought of having yards and yards of mulch delivered the day before a gully washer. Even tarping the piles won't help much when the yards are like sponges and the flower beds like mud pits. So, we delay and see if the extended forecast is more amenable to our plans for making our flower beds all nice and pretty.

Enjoy the Tuesday...all day long:)

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