Thursday, April 15, 2010

hashing it out

I'm off to the Library today to sit in on a meeting to review our most recent book sale. The sale manager does this after every sale. She invites those interested parties who worked a lot on the sale to offer opinions, suggestions and comments regarding how things went, what we might change or do in a better way.

Each sale is different. We obviously have different inventory to sell as all of our stock comes from community donations. The weather is different and it is pretty understandable how that can impact our bottom line. We set things up in different ways depending on how many books in certain categories we have gathered over the months. Different folks show up to work. Some stay and work sale after sale, others come and go.

But the one thing that runs through all of the sales is that a whole lot of folks give a whole lot of time to raise money for the Library. This is truly a labor of love and those of us that sit down today to hash it out need to remember that being a volunteer for a cause you really believe in is a wonderful thing.

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