Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hateful endings

I like books to end. I don't like when the words stop on the page but the reader is left wondering what happens next, what does this mean or has to reread the final few paragraphs to make sure something major wasn't missed.

Last night I finished a book that didn't end. I ran out of words and paragraphs. I reread the last two pages and was left with the feeling that I missed something.

Ughhhh. Not sure why authors do this. Does it make them feel artistic? Does it make them think it elevates the book to 'literature' status? One thing I know for sure that it does is honk off readers as I have read other blogs that complain about this same tactic/device: the non-ending.

So, after I close this out, I will be looking to see if I can find a sequel for said book. Not sure if I would read it, but I need to know, does Martha wind up with Fred or what????

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