Monday, April 26, 2010

slow weekend and not one minute spent reading

We were stuck at home almost all day on Saturday due to some major weather action rolling through the area. Experienced some big hail, some major thunder/lightning and lots and lots of rain.  I bet we received 4 inches of water by the time the system finally moved east. Thank goodness, no tornadoes in our area, but south of us, ten folks lost their lives due to tornadoes.

I didn't open one book to read. Not sure what I did, but it didn't involve words on paper. Hubby and I did watch a movie with Russell Crowe and Leo DiCaprio titled "Body of Lies." Good stuff, but never heard much buzz about it. Sometimes when a movie tackles current political/geographical issues, the subject matter is too fresh to draw an audience.  The acting was good, the plot was good....I'd recommend it.

Sunday brought the sun, some shopping and lunch out with my girls and one adopted 'daughter' feet were tired, but it was fun to be able to not hurry through things as we had  nothing else we had to do.

A weekend without soccer was most needed and gave us all an opportunity to breathe before the craziness that is May begins.

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