Wednesday, March 31, 2010

argh, oh....okay

I've been sucked into the world of the Showtime drama, The Tudors, via the online version of Netflix. I watched the first two seasons on my laptop and was all set to start season three, indulge myself in a small bowl of popcorn and see what Henry was up to now that Anne Boleyn was out of the way. Then I realized that season three isn't available to watch online, I have to send for the DVDs. Arghhhhh. I have become totally spoiled with the instant viewing feature and don't relish the idea of having to wait days in between episodes. So, I started looking through the instant viewing lists and found a TV show I had wanted to watch years ago and never was around at the right time to do so.

I played the first episode of The Dresden Files. Now, I have read these books by Jim Butcher and heartily enjoy Harry Dresden and his wizarding world. The first episode was decent and I will most likely finish watching all the episodes that are available on Netflix.

And I will probably cave and order up the four discs for season three of The Tudors.

In the meantime, I'm on a mission to finish "The Endless Forest" by Sara Donati. Then it is on to the latest from Bernard Cornwell. The books are due back in a just a few days and I want to get them done. I guess I will have to return, unread, "The Swan Thief" and check it out again later. Just not enough free time to get that one read before the due date.

Had a lovely lunch yesterday with my friends. Everything tasted good, but then good conversation is an excellent seasoning.

Sunny skies ahead:) Enjoy the day.


Anne's BLOG said...

Yes, the lovely lunch was most appreciated and enjoyed. Conversation with you is always fun. THANKS loads for thinking of a picnic!

Liz said...

You are so welcome:) Having a picnic with you and Alan was my perfect excuse to do some 'fun' cooking!

Kim Smith said...

Oh man, I was soooo addicted to the Tudors when the series was on Showtime. Then we dropped Comcast and I haven't even thought of it again. I will have to go out and get the Netflix things!

Kim Smith said...

PS- now I am addicted to Sookie Stackhouse and the True Blood series! Have to wait for the next season to be released on NF. Sigh.