Monday, April 19, 2010


The whiplash effect is starting to set in as I alternate reading the literary fiction books with the paranormal romance books. It was a rough transition to move from Shiloh Walker's "Hunter's Need" to Ian McEwan's "On Chesil Beach." The switch from a serial killer mystery featuring an amateur sleuth psychic and her shapeshifter boyfriend to McEwan's incredibly restrained and precise story about mismatched newlyweds was jarring.

Yet, I managed to finish both books over the weekend and am ready to dive into a Katie MacAlister novel which is sure to provide a lot of humor along with the paranormal romance.

I'd read more from Shiloh Walker. I enjoyed the mystery laden plot in the book and how the romance factor didn't drive the story. This wasn't a cookie cutter plot filled with character's I've read before.

Ian McEwan is obviously a very, very gifted and skilled writer who is greatly admired and worthy of reading, but, moving into one of his stories after reading Walker's novel was too much of a shift. I'd try another one of his books, but my mindset needs to be different.

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