Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sun then rain

Our glorious cloud free warm day gave way to rain, rain, rain. Of course, it is now set to rain for the rest of the week, just in time for my folks to visit and for the 6 soccer games my girls are playing over the weekend. Mud, mud, mud. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I'm almost finished with "Beautiful Creatures." I've enjoyed reading this novel and since I had the pleasure of attending the program when the authors visited our library, it is sort of neat to be able to 'hear' these two very talented women as I read their story. I can see why the novel was optioned for a film and why the book has created such a buzz. I should be able to finish the book this morning.

And then......my to be read pile is gone. I have nothing waiting in the wings. Nothing.

So, I will be making a trip to the library today to see what I can turn up. I need to make a trip to B&N as several new titles have come out that the library doesn't and will not buy. Guess I will have to part with my money if I want to read those books.

Maybe I should scan the online catalogs just to make sure.....you never know, perhaps one of the other libraries is actually purchasing urban fantasy and not waiting to add whatever the public donates, mainly yours truly......


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