Monday, March 22, 2010

what to do....

I finished another Juliet Marillier book. She does such a lovely job taking Celtic myths and themes and weaving them into entertaining stories. "Heir to Sevenwaters" is another one of her well done, character driven stories.

The other book, the one I should be reading, "Wolf Hall," continues to be a thorn in my side. I tried again to get into this novel. The writing is beautiful at times. The description, lyrical. The characters, full blown. The dialogue, witty. You would think if you mixed all of that together, a wonderful read would result. Well, maybe for some people, but not for me. I'm torn about what to do, but I think I'm going to return it to the library and not bother to finish it. I so rarely do this, but the book is due and I just can't get into the story enough to bother.

Even though the weather didn't cooperate for the entire week, we had a lovely Spring Break and a nice college visit day topped off by a lovely birthday celebration.

Now, we enter the 4th quarter of the school year and all that entails.

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