Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one down three to go

I finished Kim Harrison's Black Magic Sanction yesterday. Rachel Morgan has yet again found herself on the 'bad' side of the witching world as she continues to associate with demons, learn their magic and even use it on occasion. All the regulars are here in this one, including her current and childhood nemesis Trent Kalamack. One of the things I love about Harrison's writing is that she can make even the 'bad' characters likeable.

I've know started the last of Sara Donati's Wilderness series books. "The Endless Forest" focuses yet again on the Bonner family and their assorted friends and family in upstate New York during the early 1800's. If you enjoy Diana Gabaldon, give Donati a look. At one point in this series, Claire and Jamie put in an appearance. These are well written historical novels full of interesting and well developed characters.

But before I read today, I'm going to get my hands dirty. It is time to do the first round of spring weeding and begin the reclaiming of the flower beds. I've already discussed with hubby about having mulch delivered and we have a tentative date picked. Nothing says spring better than doing some outside cleaning...much more rewarding for me than doing the cleaning that waits inside the four walls of my home.

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