Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new things

I get so bored sometimes with my routine. We have a very busy household, but we do the same things over and over. So, when that feeling hits me, like it did this past month, I try and shake it up a bit. This time I am making some new recipes. Every Tuesday and Thursday in April I am making new recipes for dinner. I actually cheated a bit and started yesterday, even though it was Monday, with a new creation.

We enjoyed Spinach-Chicken Calzones and then had Poppy Seed Citrus cake for dessert. Yum. Everyone loved both and gave me the thumbs up to make them again.

Today I am off to visit friends and take a 'picnic' lunch for us to enjoy. I have chicken salad on soft wheat rolls, pasta salad and then the poppy seed cake for dessert. Simple, but good food to share and enjoy on a sunny bright day. I may cut a few daffodils to take along.

I have my recipes all selected for my April experiment and may mention how the efforts went as we move along.



Travis Erwin said...

I too like to shake up routine now and again but my diet is the least adventuresome part of me, so I never mess with it.

Anne's BLOG said...

Oh, how well I know that Feeling of doing the same things over and over again... for the past three months, at least, it's been the same bloomin' routine around here too... to the point of total Boredom and borderline Frustration.
With warmer weather I think things will improve a lot. I hope.